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How often do you find the terms “happy” and “workers’ compensation” in the same sentence? It’s a rare occurrence, given the challenges and complexities associated with workers’ comp in Washington. While many perceive it as a necessary burden, there are companies out there with a different perspective—those who genuinely find satisfaction in their Retro or workers’ comp partnerships. This article aims to help you evaluate your satisfaction with the services and support you receive from your partner.

Measuring Satisfaction:
In our recent discussion on the ‘top 3 complaints about retro groups,’ we addressed concerns about cost, customer service, and more. Not surprisingly some of these same topics can guide you in assessing satisfaction with your current partner. Let’s dive into some essential questions.

On a scale of 1-5 (1 being not at all, and 5 being yes, absolutely), assess your happiness with your Washington workers’ comp partner based on these important issues:

  1. They prioritize our claims and use appropriate strategies to close them quickly and fairly
  2. They work hard to drive down our costs making proactive recommendations along the way
  3. They are easily accessible for questions and individual claims discussions
  4. The services and value, outweigh the cost of participation in the group or partnering with them
  5. They give me peace of mind: they ‘have it covered’ when it comes to our workers’ comp matters

High score
If you gave your partner a higher score, great job! Keep up the positive collaboration. Remember to periodically assess, however, to ensure ongoing top-tier service and support.

Low score
If your scores trended lower, remember there are other Retro groups and partners out there! We’re always surprised when we hear people say, “I didn’t know we had options.” Choices exist in manufacturing Retro groups and workers’ comp partners, each with distinct business models and services.

Unhappy, underwhelmed or uncertain?
If this is how you feel about your current arrangement, a simple conversation can provide clarity. We’re always here (and happy) to discuss workers’ compensation with you and explore your unique needs.

In the realm of workers’ compensation, your satisfaction is more than just a personal preference – it’s a strategic decision that influences collaboration, employee well-being, financial stability, risk management, and peace of mind.

Let’s ensure you have the best support for all things workers’ comp!


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