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Semrush and Moz are two tools that can get your SEO needs accomplished. Both platforms do require a bit of training in order to maximize your subscription and get everything you’re paying for.

Starting Price

Both Semrush and Moz can get expensive, but Semrush offers a discount on pricing when you subscribe and pay annually. Semrush is pricier than Moz, starting at $108.33 per month (with annual billing), while Moz is only $70 per month (with annual billing). Users should examine both products and determine if Semrush’s additional features are something they will use and, thus, make it worth paying more for.

Keywords To Track

When doing SEO work, you want to make sure that you are able to track the keywords important to your campaigns. This is the foundation of any SEO tool. Semrush allows you to track 500 words on its baseline plan, while Moz allows you to track 300 on its baseline plan. These numbers go up with the higher-tiered plans, expanding what you can track in your projects or campaigns.

Results To Report

When doing keyword research, you want to see as many results as possible to get the best sense of where you can see success. Semrush’s baseline plan offers 10,000 results per report, while Moz has 10,000 rows per keyword query in its baseline plan. These numbers go up in the higher-level plans.


Projects or campaigns are the websites you want to follow regularly. These are the primary URL domain names. Semrush’s baseline plan allows you to have five projects, while Moz allows you to have three campaigns. These numbers go up when you subscribe to higher-level plans.

Backlink Queries

Backlinks help your URL gain traction with the search engine spiders and show them that the website is relevant. Semrush doesn’t offer a backlinks query, while Moz’s starter plan has 5,000. This is an important feature that helps you maximize your visibility when used correctly.

Content Marketing Platform

The core of SEO is the content produced on the website. Semrush has tools that help you deliver the content needed to rank with its content marketing platform. This is not something that Moz currently offers.

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