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Bilt is not allowing members to stack multiple Milestone Rewards points multipliers together or to combine them with other promotions. When more than one offer applies to the same transaction, Bilt says it will apply the best one. Or, in the case of equivalent promotions, it will apply the more specific multiplier.

For example, let’s say you claim two Milestone Rewards at the same time—2 points per dollar at grocery stores and 2 points per dollar on digital wallet purchases. During the active time frame, you’ll earn just 2 points per dollar for grocery store purchases rather than 4 points per dollar.

Importantly, Milestone Rewards also aren’t stackable with Rent Day promotions. Because of this, Bilt Mastercard members might want to avoid claiming 2 times on digital wallet purchases for seven days (available at the 75,000-point milestone) within a week of the first day of the month since you’d earn double points for Rent Day anyway (capped at 10,000 points per 1st of the month).

One thing that’s still unclear is if Bilt Mastercard cardholders who claim double points on Bilt Dining for seven days (available at 25,000 points) can stack that Milestone Reward with the 6 points per dollar their card earns on Rent Day (double the normal 3 points per dollar earning rate).

Since Bilt Dining multipliers are separate from cardholder points earning, they usually stack. So for example, if a Bilt Dining restaurant offers 5 points per dollar to all Bilt members, cardholders can earn 11 total points at that restaurant on Rent Day (5 points via Bilt Dining and 6 points through the card).

In the details for the “Double Points on Bilt Dining” Milestone Reward, Bilt says that these bonus rewards are in addition to whatever your card earns, so it would appear that this Milestone Reward wouldn’t technically overlap with the cardholder-exclusive Rent Day bonus points. We’ve reached out to Bilt to confirm if these promotions can combine.

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