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Below we compare the various features offered by Hootsuite and Buffer.


Buffer allows users to do fairly basic analysis including tracking engagement metrics such as comments and likes and monitoring the performance of posts across multiple channels. Buffer users will also get machine learning insights that suggest when, what and how often to post to maximize engagement.

Hootsuite has these same basic features and takes them much further, providing deeper data analysis options resulting in more specific insights. For instance, Hootsuite provides performance reports based on your business’s goals using pre-built reporting templates. This feature makes it easy to lay out your intentions and quickly discern the results. You can also compare your efforts with other businesses in the same industry to see where you stand with the competition.

Team Management

Buffer’s Team and Agency plans support unlimited users, and these plans come with tools to make managing those users simple, including workflow approval tools to manage who works on what posts and a custom access and permissions system that controls which channels users have access to.

Users with admin access have full control and access privileges. Full access gives a user the ability to manage post creation, scheduling and editing for specific channels. Approval-required access can do the same things that full access can and is channel limited as well, but it needs approval from an admin.

Hootsuite offers more customization in user access permission options; however, the total user limit is capped at five in the Enterprise plan (unless you pay more per user). Hootsuite can assign team members three levels of access: the organization, team and social account. The organization level has the most access and control over the levels below it. Each of these levels is broken down further into subcategories with varying degrees of access. For instance, the social account level is divided into three categories: advanced, editor and responder. The advanced users have the most access to the social account, with the editor and responder having incrementally fewer permissions than the category above them.

Post Scheduling and Publishing

Buffer provides a straightforward means to schedule and publish posts across social channels through the Buffer Queue. This feature allows users to choose the order and time that posts are published. Once all the time slots are filled for the day, additional posts are put in the queue (hence the name) to be published at the next allotted time.

Hootsuite’s AutoSchedule is more effective at bulk posting as it allows you to upload multiple posts at the same time and schedule when they go live. This system doesn’t allow you to choose the exact order your posts come out, however, but it favors large-scale campaigns over more deliberately timed release schedules.

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