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Whether you’ve been in the US for twenty years or twenty days, it is always exciting to have your parents come and visit your adopted country. However, with the high healthcare prices in the U.S., some parents might be worried about having a medical emergency during their visit. Don’t let this fear overshadow the excitement of the trip. The best way to not get stuck with an expensive healthcare bill is to make sure they  have good visitor insurance for parents traveling to the US.

Insurance is not required to visit or even immigrate to the US, but it is definitely something you want to have. When faced with an unexpected situation or emergency, the last thing anybody wants to worry about is how they’ll pay for it. With different types of travel insurance available, it’s easy to find a good plan that fits your parents’ needs and budget.

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Choosing the Right Travel Insurance

There are several types of insurance plans for parents and seniors visiting loved ones in America. When figuring out the best plan for your family, there are a few things to think about. What places will your parents visit? What types of activities do they want to do? Below are the different types of coverage you can get for them.

Travel Medical

Also referred to as travel health insurance plans, these policies cover most medical care for injuries and illnesses that might occur. Some plans also cover pre-existing conditions, emergency evacuations and repatriation of remains.

Extreme Sports: If your parents are active, double-check what sort of activities are covered by basic travel insurance. You might be surprised at what is considered an “extreme sport” by insurance companies. For any type of adventure sports, you will need this extra medical coverage. It includes things such as skiing, rock climbing, parasailing and tree top canopy walks.

Trip Cancellation

Trip cancellation plans offer monetary protection for specific types of trip cancellations and in some cases also cover delays. Missed flights or cruises due to these covered delays are often covered. All this is in addition to the medical benefits of travel health insurance. They cover things like trip interruptions or lost baggage and many offer emergency evacuations for natural disasters or political unrest.

Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR)

CFAR plans offer even more protection than trip cancellation policies. With this type of plan, if you decide to cancel your trip for any reason, you will be covered. This type of insurance is especially good for trips planned far in advance, especially if they’re very expensive! Make sure to check your policy to see how soon before your departure you can cancel and still receive the benefit.

Which Health Insurance is Best for Parents Visiting the USA?

Each family will have different needs and concerns about their insurance plans. The following plans all offer comprehensive medical and travel insurance for visitors to the US. They are customizable and allow you to choose the maximum plan limit and  your deductible (the amount you pay out of pocket before the insurance kicks in). With how expensive healthcare can be in the United States, it is a good idea for your parents to buy a travel insurance plan before coming over.

  • Worldtrips Atlas America: With Atlas America, you’ll have one of the most customizable travel insurance plans available. The plan also offers protections for trip interruptions, adventure sports, and medical evacuations. Get a quote from Atlas America
  • Seven Corners Travel Medical: Seven Corners Medical plan covers medical care, acute onset of pre-existing conditions and more. They also cover dental emergencies and offer telehealth consultations. Get a quote from Seven Corners
  • IMG Patriot America Platinum: This plan has the most comprehensive  coverage with  up to an $8 million policy limit. Some of the benefits include emergency evacuation, reunion, tip protection for covered emergencies, emergency dental and more. There are also some optional benefits you can add on including device protection and adventure sports. Get a quote for IMG Patriot America Platinum

All of the above plans offer some of the best medical insurance for visitors to the USA. Make sure you read the fine print to know your parents are getting the best plan for their needs.

Does US Health Insurance Cover Parents?

If you have a US insurance plan, it probably will not cover your visiting parents. Under specific situations, your plan may extend coverage to parents. However, they must reside in the United States and be claimed as dependents on your taxes. For those coming in for a vacation, you’ll want to buy short term medical insurance for visiting parents.

Travel Insurance for Pre-Existing Conditions

Many insurance plans limit or exclude coverage for pre existing conditions. If your parent has a health condition, it is important that they opt for an insurance plan that will fully cover them.

Pre existing conditions are any health problems that were diagnosed before the insurance policy started. Insurance companies will not research if you have any health issues when you’re buying a plan. However, if you file a claim, they will look back 2-6 months into your medical history. This means you might not be reimbursed without a specific travel insurance for seniors with pre existing conditions.

Some plans offer coverage for the acute onset of pre existing conditions, depending on the patient’s age and specific health issue. Others offer a pre existing condition waiver. This waiver is normally a clause in the policy that offers coverage for pre existing health conditions under certain circumstances. You can talk to one of our brokers about your needs before buying a plan to determine exactly what is covered.

The three plans listed above offer options for travel insurance with pre existing medical conditions.

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What Happens If My Parents Get Sick in the USA?

In an unexpected medical emergency, your parents will have to choose between visiting urgent care facilities or an emergency room. It’s common to stop by the hospital to get medication for something as simple as the common cold in some countries. However, in the U.S., that’s the last thing your parents should do! Some insurance plans will not reimburse your parents if they go to the ER when an urgent care center would have been sufficient.

Difference Between Urgent Care Clinics and Emergency Rooms

It’s a good idea to make sure everyone in your family is aware of the different types of healthcare facilities available in the United States.

The key difference between these two types of facilities comes down to how critical the situation is. For any life-threatening injury, your parents should seek treatment at an emergency room. For less critical illnesses or injuries, urgent care should cover your needs. Generally speaking, your parents will most likely see a doctor more quickly if they head to an urgent care center.

Costs of Healthcare in the USA

Keep in mind that healthcare costs in the United States are much higher than in other developed countries. A visit to the ER without insurance costs, on average, USD $2,200 to $2,600. Even those with decent insurance plans still spend an average of $646 on a visit to the emergency room. These costs vary depending on the level of care needed.

Urgent care clinics are significantly cheaper than a visit to an emergency room. Without insurance, people spend around $185. With the right policy, you can expect to pay even less. Your parents may only be charged a small copay for their visit.

Travel Insurance for a Carefree Visit to the States

Whether you’re a student at a university, a temporary worker or an immigrant calling the U.S. home for decades., you want your parents to feel safe and protected when they come to visit. Healthcare fees are high in the United States and they can vary a lot between cities and states. That’s why travel insurance for parents visiting the USA is not something you should overlook. Insurance offers an irreplaceable peace of mind. Everyone can enjoy building new memories together and not worry about getting stuck with large medical debts.

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