Singapore and UK signed IoT security pact – Earn Charter

As part of the Singapore-UK Strategic Partnership, the two countries last week agreed to work together in improving the security of internet-connected devices.

The agreement was signed by David Koh, CEO of Singapore’s Cyber Security Agency, and Ciaran Martin, Head of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre during the Singapore International Cyber Week.

In a joint statement, both national agencies expressed their commitment to take a leading role in driving improvements in the security of smart consumer products.

“We want to ensure that internet-connected devices have security built in by design and the public and industry are protected against related security threats, such as cyberattacks, theft of personal data and risks to physical safety,” said the statement.

Both nations will adopt a multilateral approach by working with partners, both internationally and regionally, including industry and consumer groups, to promote the implementation of good practice as set out in the relevant industry global standards.

“Implementing clear good practice principles from industry across all their consumer IoT devices will result in citizens and the wider economy being made safer and more secure while using their products,” the statement said.

Both countries recommend that manufacturers of consumer IoT devices to implement industry best practices such as:

  • Discontinuing the most blatant security shortcomings, such as the use of universal default passwords.
  • Normalising vulnerability disclosure processes across the IoT industry, so that researchers can report security vulnerabilities and manufacturers can respond accordingly.
  • Encouraging the development and deployment of software security updates so that consumers and the wider technical ecosystem are protected throughout the entire life-time of IoT products. Manufacturers should define a support period for the fixing of vulnerabilities.

“We support the development of IoT assurance schemes and other efforts designed to give consumers confidence in the security of their products. The UK and Singapore have a shared interest in enhancing our bilateral cooperation in this area, as we develop our national approaches,” the statement said.


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