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Border security is the defence against intruders and unlawful activity, and includes the use of devices, such as cameras, radars, and lasers. These systems contribute to enhanced monitoring capabilities and precise target localisation. It aids in protecting citizens from unlawful activities and military troops and ensuring their safety. This system can automatically analyse video, picture, audio, and other surveillance data without or with minimal human intervention.

The Border Security Market forecasts the border security market to reach US$65,150 million by 2030, growing at a CAGR of 7.61%

As the travel industry, border authorities face the need to win in operational efficiency and user convenience. For years, biometrics has been used by authorities to simplify traveller experiences at borders, speeding up people’s enrolment and ID checks (ex: the eGates or Entry-Exit Systems).

The new Thales multimodal biometric pod is an efficient enrolment and identification solution that helps smoothly manage travellers’ border and immigration processes. It combines ‘iris & face’ capture and recognition capacities to enable fast and secure people enrolment and ID verification at borders. The pod features a modern design that perfectly suits the authority’s needs in high-security environments.

With the Thales multimodal biometric pod, border authorities can easily integrate automation into their processes, without compromising on passenger and employee security nor on the confidentiality of the data exchanged as the solution offers ‘security and privacy by design’ parameters.

Featuring a camera and a high-resolution LCD screen, the biometric pod can recognise pre-enrolled travellers’ iris and face from 0.5m and up to a record of 1.5m, with excellent accuracy. Boosted by AI, the solution captures dual iris and face in two seconds, leading to swifter operations and visibly shorter waiting queues.

Thales biometric pods can be set at any border checkpoint (airports, seaports, etc.) managing both the first traveller enrolment upon arrival and quick biometric checks whenever required (upon territory exit, internal flights etc).

“The combination of biometric patterns applied to touchless people authentication, is a sought-after solution for many stakeholders to address security, operational and convenience challenges”, said Youzec Kurp, VP of identity and biometric solutions at Thales.

Youzec Kurp

“Thales relies on its in-house biometrics, border, and smart travel expertise to design, develop and deliver top tier responsible biometric solutions to meet users’ expectations and authorities’ requirements.”

Youzec Kurp

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