Canon delivers cloud-based video analytics service in SG – Earn Charter

Canon Singapore announced last Friday a partnership with video analytics solutions provider Agent Video Intelligence (Agent VI) to launch the first AI-powered cloud-based video analytics service in the Lion City.

Canon’s enterprise customers in Singapore are the first and only in Asia to experience innoVi, Agent Vi’s cutting-edge AI-powered video analytics Software as a Service (SaaS) on their existing surveillance cameras. The service is offered on a monthly subscription basis, saving customers from investing in any upfront capital costs or having to purchase dedicated equipment.

​​​​​​​“We are always looking for ways to help our customers improve and streamline their processes, and are delighted that this partnership with Agent Vi enables us to be the first to introduce cloud-based video analytics to Singapore,” said Edwin Teoh, head of marketing for Singapore operations at Canon Singapore.

The partnership with Agent Vi will enhance Canon’s suite of network visual solutions, offering businesses seamless connectivity with maximum productivity and reduced costs.

“Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative encourages businesses to harness the power of AI, data analytics and cloud computing as transformative business tools, and this offering cements our commitment to helping companies as they move forward in these areas,” Teoh said.

Bolstering security with video analytics

innoVi is a centrally-managed video analytics solution powered by cutting-edge deep Learning technology that enables unparalleled detection accuracy. Its algorithms actively and continuously learn how to categorise objects with precision, allowing innoVi to distinguish between people, vehicles and static objects.

innoVi is able to transform any ONVIF / RTSP fixed IP camera into an intelligent video device, uncovering otherwise hidden incidents, insights and information.

​​​​​​​Itsik Kattan, CEO of Agent Vi, said: “The strategic partnership with Canon Singapore will allow Canon’s customers to effortlessly benefit from a centrally hosted video analytics SaaS solution, to enhance their security, safety and operational needs, with no upfront capital costs.”

​​​​​​​Being fully automated, the solution minimises the need for 24-hour monitoring and eliminates the chance of human error. The product is designed to meet the needs of companies requiring video analytics with a simple and easy-to-maintain setup such as hotels, condominium security and healthcare facilities. Subscription to the service starts at only S$137 per month with no upfront costs.

“We are proud to harness our innovative solutions to Canon’s forward-thinking strategy and jointly bring to market a unique solution that will serve thousands of new customers in Singapore and expand from there to additional regions served by Canon,” ​​​Kattan said.

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