Brazil’s ANDP opens a call for contribution for its Regulatory Sandbox – Earn Charter

The pilot program creates a controlled environment to test technologies related to artificial intelligence (“AI”) developed by the participants. The goal is that, through innovation in this controlled space, best practices can be implemented to ensure compliance with laws and regulations related to personal data protection.

The information obtained during  the Consultation resulted in the publication of a technical study entitled “Regulatory sandbox for artificial intelligence and data protection in Brazil” (the “Study”). The creation of this sandbox marks an important collaboration between the ANPD and the Development Bank of Latin America and the Caribbean (“CAF”), which has shared its methodologies, knowledge and experiences for the development of regulatory sandboxes in the region. 

A consultation of this nature allows for a wider range of contributions, ensuring transparency and inclusion in ANPD’s decision-making process. In addition, the Consultation provides an opportunity for interested parties, i.e. individuals, organizations, private sector representatives and experts, to express their opinions, raise concerns and contribute information to shape the structure of the sandbox.

Please see below information on relevant details and deadlines:

  • Consultation period: From October 3, 2023 until November 1, 2023. 
  • Method of collecting contributions: online, via the platform Participa Mais Brasil (here).
  • Call for contribution: Available here (in Portuguese and English).
  • Draft of the Study: Available here (in Portuguese).
  • Duration of the Study: Up to 24 (twenty four) months.

Finally, the Study is an important step toward identifying feasible applications of AI in several industries and fostering long-term research on this revolutionary technological tool with respect to data privacy and cybersecurity in Brazil.



Authored by Isabel Costa Carvalho and Julio Cesar de Oliveira Alves.


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